Idea Design Studio Showcases your Invention to the Whole World

Idea Design Studio knows that as an inventor or an entrepreneur, you always have many original ideas swarming your mind at all times. Ideas or Inventions are of real use only when you design them and turn them into something real and tangible. If bringing out a product based on your design is the first step, the second phase is to create good content around your invention so that it reaches your potential investors and customers in the right way. The final step is to secure your ideas and products through specific patents. Idea Design Studio can assist you in helping bring your great idea to fruition.

Idea Design Studio

Idea Design Studio marketing experts help take your idea to shape in the form of a 3D design right in front of your eyes! Idea design studio uses efficient technology to create detailed and accurate computer designs and models. The highly skilled and well-trained staffs understand that a realistic 3D design is a foundation for all subsequent stages of prototyping, manufacturing, marketing and patenting. They follow a detailed step by step process which involves you at every stage. You can interact with them anytime through their online project management system. The Idea Design Studio designers first create a greyscale design for your review and approval. After you approve it, they go ahead and create full color and photo-realistic 3D design.


Idea Design Studio understand that once your invention takes shape; it is time to market it to the whole world. The Idea design studio team creates great marketing animations to help you in your marketing efforts. The video is a moving demonstration of the 3D design and replicates a physical prototype on the computer.

The Idea Design Studio team uses 3D animation techniques that depict the key features of your invention accurately to display all its benefits to the consumers. The professional motion graphics and sound designs lend authenticity and quality to your product is letting you view the product video anywhere without hesitations.


Getting a patent for your invention is a smart and a practical thing to do. Acquiring a patent is a long drawn process and usually involves the creation of materials like patent designs that the authorities will use during examinations. Experts like Idea Design Studio have the capabilities to produce professional materials like 2D, 3D sketches, prototypes, animations and CAD drawings which depict your product and all its features in enough light. Such paperwork also assists the authorities to understand the actual purpose of your product better. Such understanding is very vital for them to issue patents without any second thoughts. What more? Such expert help accelerates the whole patent process to ensure that you have secured your invention in the fastest possible time.

Idea Design Studio is located in sunny Miami Florida